At Duds'n Suds we offer transfers from washer to dryer (valet service), drop off (wash-dry fold) service, front loading washers that range from 20-60 pounds, and front loading driers that range from 18 - 60 pounds.

Car Wash

While your laundry is drying get your car sparkly clean in Duds'n Suds car wash bays. The bays are large enough to fit your RV!

Pet Wash

You can even wash your pet at Duds'n Suds in our self-serve pet wash area. All you need is a dirty dog and ten bucks and you've got a squeaky clean animal.

Duds'n Suds: Locally Owned & Operated in Bozeman, MT Since 1985

At Duds'n Suds, we aim to provide you with a superior cleaning experience. At our laundry, car wash, and pet wash , you can be sure that you'll have the best resources for you to clean everything. If its dirty, you can bet it'll be fresh and spotless after a trip to Duds'n Suds. From the large - down comforters, sleeping bags, RVs, and Newfoundlands - to the small - socks, pillow cases, motorcycles, and pugs - you're sure to have good, clean fun at Duds'n Suds in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.

Sunday - Thursday: 8:00AM - 8:00 PM

Friday & Saturday 8:00AM-8:00PM

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